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Electric Man 3

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With time passing we more and more witness new types of gaming genres which become more popular than those in 2000s. But there exist some which will never be substituted. Fighting style games are among them and have always been respected by all gamers all over the world. So, if you want to taste a feeling of a good game and fight ,but want to do it quickly and have a nice time, we present to you continuation of famous Electric Man series , Electric Man 3-online flash fighting game which includes all the traditions of the genre. You perform in a role of a small stick man who wants to beat his enemies. This small, yet an excellent fighter with outstanding techniques has to prove that he is the best and you are responsible for proving this. Kick or punch your enemies, pass through great number of levels and beat "epic" bosses with their evil helpers. Each following level is more difficult than the one before, so that you will never be able to say: "levels are alike", especially when difficulty level can be changed to harder one. Hundreds of enemies will keep your attention and no let you leave the keyboard until final boss is reached. Eventually the outcome is one: you won`t get bored! To do all the fighting staff Electric Man 3 has simple but full of surprises set of controls. Movement is done through arrow key, fighting with A/S/D keys, and combinations of these two give more moves to a player. Additionally kicks and punches can be done through Q/W/E keys, used for slow motion attacks and a feeling of an action movie or cartoon is guaranteed. Add all this to highly motivating music and very impressive graphics which is an important parameter for a flash game) and you will get and excellent game to spend an hour or two. So play Electric Man 3 and help glowing stick man show his fighting abilities to his enemies. You are sure to have pleasure time!